Music classes for kids: “Jump into the music”

Music classes for kids in Buffalo

Lesson plans are age appropriate (3-6) and will develop not only musical skills, but also memory, language, movement, coordination.


Our program of music classes for kids, “Jump into the music”, consists in different levels according to children’s age.

Kids will learn basic skills to sing, remember words, read rhythm, imitate sounds and so on.

After graduating from “Jump into the music”, kids are ready to begin formal instrumental instruction, they can read rhythm and they know the basics about note reading and writing. They have developed hands coordination and they learn a basic hand position that will help them in any instrument they are going to learn but also to write in school.

Young children have a natural ability for music, and they can absorb new concepts easily. These classes are a great way to get them started into the musical world, in small and short-term classes grouped by age. They will be captivated by songs, dances, instruments, rhythm games, and musical notation.


Let’s play music!

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