Introduction to piano


“Introduction to piano” is a class designed to give beginners the basic knowledge about how to play the piano in Western New York.
Just suppose for a moment that you (or your child) could have the possibility to learn in a very short time the basics about an instrument. This would be a fantastic opportunity to explore a new field, to learn more about music and eventually to consider if playing the piano is something exciting enough for your future.

Introduction to piano

These first piano lessons are a series of short exercises, that combine strengthening and coordination with note recognition and memory. Laying the foundations in a fun and easy way, progress will be faster, and students will be more likely to succeed and develop a real love of the instrument.

Introduction to Piano includes all facets of musicianship: repertoire study, ear training, improvisation, transposition, sight reading, technical development. Familiarity with the piano keyboard and notes, learning major scales and chords, proper piano technique and developing eye-hand coordination will be emphasized.

Students are expected to practice daily. Parents have take part in class.


This class is for young children as well as for adults.

In 10 weekly group lessons students will practice new musical skills which will allow them to play a few melodies at the piano with one or both hands, to recognize basic rhythm and notation.

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